“Growth Hacker x Ad Buyer”

Farry Hsu

Farry Hsu Growth Hacker - Digital Marketing, Facebook Ad

What I do as a freelancer-

I provide ad services and social media marketing planning for small startups/ personal brands to achieve their goals.

What I’ve achieved before-

Once created a viral video on Facebook that achieved over 1.92M reaches, 720 K views and 9K shares within one week.

Led two crowdfunding projects both in the Taiwan market, which got 100% funded within in 5 days, and the U.S. market.

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Growth Hack Skills

Farry is familiar with growth hacking from 0 to 1 by utilizing the power of social media.

3+ Years Facebook Ad Experience

Has spent more than 100K USD on the Facebook ad with ROAS 1.7~2.5 in 2018.

4+ Years Working in Startups

With hands-on tactics to help small startups& brands build things from 0 to 1.

5+ Years Social Media Marketing

Create contents & campaigns across social media properties: has increased over 165% growth within 4 months.


I share 3 things here- Startups, Digital Marketing and Nomadic Travel Stories.

3 月 2019


「你有多自律,就有多自由」 以前其實不太能體會這句話的內涵,但自從脫離上班族並擁有100%時間自由後,才徹底領略了這句話。「身為一個自由工作者,所有的小事都有可能成為你拖延的藉口」 想一下這個場景是否熟悉:身為一個社群、廣告、行銷、設計的你,工作需要累積大量素材和靈感,一開始只是在Facebook、Pinteret 搜集一下素材,然後看到了影片、點開了Instagram,最後恢復意識時,已經在youtube網頁上停留超過40分鐘了。 […]

1 月 2019

數位遊牧Digital Nomad是什麼?數位遊牧、遠距工作相關社團推薦

Digitanl Nomad 數位遊牧工作最廣泛的定義就是只需要電腦、不限定工作場合就可以工作為生。但是和遠距工作(Remote Job) 最大的不同,應該在於:數位遊牧工作者不隸屬於任何一個公司。因此,身為一個數位遊牧工作者,大部分的情況下,你不會享有公司福利或健保制度。

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